I just posted about our adventure in "weed" identification here and after knowing the bounty in our own yard, I can't stop using the plants in my kitchen and finding new ways to celebrate their presence in our yard - it feels like MAGIC!  It's especially witchy to forage the plants for homemade HOOCH!  This one is a bit of a cheat since it's literally picking the plant, mashing it in a clean jar and pouring vodka over it to sit and brew for 6 weeks.  I have no idea what this will taste like in the end but I think it's a fun way to share our yard with friends!  I'll keep you posted once the jar is opened, shared, and survived!!


In a clean mason jar (hot water and soap should do but use a new lid for safety) combine:

10-15 foraged stems of Sticky Willy (use scissors and wear gloves, these guys are in fact, sticky!) mashed with the end of a wooden spoon

1 pint+ vodka to fill the jar

Close lid of jar and label with the contents and date of your tonice and store in a cool dry place for 6 weeks.

Strain and ta-da!  Get boozy!


RECIPESLauren Schad