Being a great host is in the details!


I simply adore hosting parties and one of my favorite ways of bringing people to gether is through food and specifically BRUNCH!  But whatever the occasion, it's easy to elevate your presentation with small details.  I frequently visit antique stores, flea markets and even thrift stores and one thing I always have my eye out for is small dishes.  They are super easy to restore to perfectly aged condition (a little soap and hot water).  Any piece I purchase is never more than $5 and I mix and match styles and patterns, the more the merrier! I love little antique milk pitchers for serving coffee and tea to guests.  I also love special salt and pepper shakers as a cute detail to add to any spread.  And any basic plate or bowl can be used for sauces, nuts, little candlies and on a charcuterie tray for spreads.  Adding these pops of color on a table is a super fun and laidback way to spruce up your presentation and lets your guests know they are in the comfort of a great host.

HOSTINGLauren Schad