Creating an identification chart is easy and EDIBLE!


When we moved into our little shack in Beacon the yard was in rough shape.  Luckily it was mostly cleared but it was obvious that it had been many decades since it had seen any real care.  This was not such a big deal when we first moved in since neither of us were very attentive gardeners.  But now in our third year, it's time to dig in and get to work.  And by work I mean finding new ways of experiencing plants before pulling everything out (read: putting off lawn mowing).  So we started collecting all the different "visiting" plants and began googling basic characteristics to identify what they were.  We found that MOST EVERYTHING IS ACTUALLY EDIBLE!  And not only edible but often a great source for medicinal and nutritive elements.  If I were a better person I would break down my actual finding here but this is more to inspire you to do the same in your yard!  Now we see these plants on hikes or even walks around town.  We even bring a foragers guide along with us and save stems that we can't identify.  It's really opened our eyes to what the land can give us and has been a great addition to how I cook in my kitchen!

GARDENLauren Schad