My hubs is magic.  He loves woodworking and I have made it clear that he can pile up the basement with lumber to play with in the same way I allow myself to buy pretty fabric without a project in mind so it's available when I am inspired to play in my studio.  But he equal parts is a builder and fixer so he finds pallets in dumpsters and on the side of the road and bring then home and labors through a disassembly to gather the COOLEST looking wood!  I can never tell which he loves more: the taking apart or the putting together (Gemini!).  So here is a perfect portrait of his work- a bench that perfectly suits our front porch with undisturbed pallet wood and he even recycled the rusty nails so the aesthetic maintains a perfectly reused and aged quality.  Anyway, I love it and I love him.  And I also freakin love my watering can and garden boots - look how cute!


Look at this stud muffin making this bench! And check out the next pallet he has since collected a beautiful stack of wood from!  

Lauren Schad