Hi friends!

As some of you know, I have been an avid "collector" (read hoarder) of vintage and antiques for a many years now.  I have been doing markets and online sales but have never really shared this part of my everyday practice on this platform or within the Avant Saint brand.  I felt like there was no place for this direction within my initiatives as a fashion designer.  But that's not only silly (I created this business partly motivated by doing my own thing and doing it the way I wanted!) but it's also the type of thing fashion absolutely needs right now!  Wether we realize it or not, "fast fashion" is attacking the market and your closet!  And as I got more involved in the fashion arena I definitely fell into the trap of normalizing my aesthetic to get sales.  I don't want that as a designer and I do not want that as a shopper!  So I have turned back to vintage as a way to refocus my motivations.  I will be doing a few markets through the summer and hopefully with some consistency, I will be hosting a booth at the Beacon, NY flea market on Sundays (weather permitting).  I will be presenting my vintage and antiques as well as my handmade wears!!  Come check them out and celebrate your one of a kindness!!!  



Open every fair weather Sunday from April through mid November, 8A-3P

Located at 6 Henry Street, Beacon, NY, half way down Beacon Main Street.

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Lauren Schad